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1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible

You'll feel like a star when you ride in the elegance and style of this beautiful classic car!
Features: Black Exterior, White Intereior, Rear-Hinged - "Suicide Doors", Frameless Glass, Seats 5, 4 Comfortably, Front & Rear Air Conditioning

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Front end view of '62 Lincoln Continental Convertible owned and operated by 4Leaf Limos of Austin Texas Limousine
Elegant 1962 Lincoln Continental Convertible brought to you by 4Leaf Limos of Austin
4Leaf Limos of Austin Texas Lincoln Continental Convertible (1962)
Austin Texas car service 4Leaf Limos Lincoln Continental Convertible

What happened in 1962:

The Cuban Missile Crisis pushes the world to the brink of a World War.
The Navy Seals are created on January 1st.
Sam Walton opens the first Wal-Mart discount store in Bentonville, Arkansas.
First US Rocket Ranger IV lands on the Moon on April 26th.
Salt and vinegar crisps/chips debut on sale for the first time ever in the US